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Siyabonga Africa celebrates 40th Anniversary

40th Anniversary

According to French philosopher, Charles Péguy, “Turning 40 is when we become who we are.”

At Siyabonga Africa, we are very happy with the path we’ve travelled over the past 40 years, which has brought us to what we are meant to be:

Effective agents for change – committed to making poverty history.

What began as a crisis-relief and welfare organisation providing food and clothing to underprivileged and suffering people, has developed into a leading example of how people can be empowered to help themselves. Lessons learned along the way have guided us to develop the most effective programmes to get South Africa working. These models are easily replicated in communities across the county … giving us real hope of a future where no one goes to bed hungry.

Last year alone, we created 170 new jobs in the informal
and small business sector. But, with unemployment at
an all time high, we have to do more.

So, in celebration of our 40th Anniversary, we’ve set a target of creating 400 new jobs in 2024. But it’s only possible with help from others who share our vision. Please partner with us again now to make this dream come true.




Your donation of R1 000 or more – made online now – helps provide skills training and equipment for a self-motivated individual to start their own small business. That could be welding security gates … baking bread and cakes … producing fresh vegetables … providing safe care and stimulation for pre-school children … or manufacturing fabric shopping bags and school uniforms.

All these products and services are in demand within their own communities. And because they’re locally produced, they’re more affordable. It’s a win-win situation.

So please will you be part of it?
If R1 000 is too much to ask, please consider a donation of R500.
Or give R250 or R150 monthly – every rand makes a difference.



We can all be ‘agents of change’. People with the goodwill and determination to make our country a land of opportunity again … a place where everyone has the chance to build the life they want for themselves.

Siyabonga Africa’s successful track record speaks for itself. And with you behind us, we know we can create 400 new jobs in 2024. Please make your donation now in honour of our 40th Anniversary – and play your part in growing our country’s economy.

Happy New Year!