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A walk down memory lane

As 2024 is our 40th anniversary, we wanted to take a walk down memory and revisit our humble beginnings.

The roots of Siyabonga Africa run deep, planted in the soil of determination and community spirit. Our story began with land clearing on a piece of ground in Brakpan. The first completed structure wasn’t a fancy office or training space, but a couple of toilets named Adam and Eve to take care of everyone’s basic needs.

building the first structureSoon after came the construction of our first building. More than just a structure, it was the foundation for the organisation which is now Siyabonga Africa. Ronny, our founder, understood the power of collaboration. He employed a helping hand, Piet Intuli, who became an integral part of numerous projects throughout the years. Their collaborative efforts and hard work are etched in every achievement at Siyabonga Africa. From measuring foundations for the church to raising roofs that sheltered dreams, each step represented a commitment to growth, service, and community upliftment.

Today, as we celebrate four decades of impact, we acknowledge the collective journey that brought us here. The path may have started humbly, but it was always paved with determination, resilience, and the unwavering belief that change begins at the grassroots.

Join us in honoring our past, celebrating our present, and embracing the future with gratitude. Here’s to 40 years of transformation, empowerment, and making a positive difference in the lives of so many people. Thank you for being part of our incredible journey!