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Creating a brighter future

Thanks to generous support, we’ve already reached our training targets for 2023. And there are still two months to go til year end!

We’re so grateful and encouraged that people our determination to get South Africa working. One by one, we’re equipping young, unemployed South Africans to gain the practical skills they need to find jobs … or create their own.

No fewer than 38 entrepreneurs have completed our ‘My SME’ Online Business Course, while others have received business coaching, mentorship or grants.

In addition:

  • 19 creative seamstresses have completed our course in fashion design
  • 39 passionate teachers have completed our ECD course
  • 89 bakers have completed our bread-making and baking course
  • 186 youngsters are now computer literate and job ready
  • 28 qualified new welders are already creating sparks
  • And our fledgling vegetable gardening training is now up and running, with 14 trainees having already completed the course.

None of this would be possible without financial support.

Please will you work together with Siyabonga Africa to create a brighter future for determined young South Africans who desperately want the chance to build a better life for themselves and their families?