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Food vouchers bring relief, choice and dignity


Siyabonga Africa shares the heartfelt chorus of  ‘thank you’s’ in this voice note sent to us by Margaret* a 40 year old single mother of three, who received a food voucher on Mandela Day. She and her children lost no time getting to Shoprite to buy much needed groceries!

Margaret, who is unemployed, applied for food relief at the beginning of lockdown. But until Siyabonga Africa stepped in, she had not received any help. She and her children live with her mother, who is currently in self-quarantine after testing positive for Covid-19, and her three younger siblings.

That’s eight people with nothing but the children’s grants to keep them all alive. The food vouchers sponsored by generous companies and individuals are quite literally a lifesaver for families like this, who know what it’s like to go for days without anything to eat.

Christina, 46, and her 28 year old son have been surviving with help from family members since they lost their jobs as the beginning of lockdown. They too have not received any assistance. When her Siyabonga Africa food voucher was delivered to her phone by SMS, Christina was overjoyed. She expressed her gratitude at being able to go shopping for what she needed, instead of having to queue for a food parcel and feel ashamed when passers by stared.

She also sent us photographs (below) of what she bought – along with the till slip – to assure us that the money was wisely spent.

We extend a sincere thank you to all those who supported – and continue to support – this life changing initiative. Your kindness towards your fellow South Africans is so heartwarming.

But the crisis isn’t over yet, and more help is needed.

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Please think about how you could reach out a helping hand to someone who might otherwise go hungry tonight. Click the button above to make your donation of any amount … R100, R150, R500 or whatever your heart prompts you to give. May God bless you.