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Food vouchers create opportunities

There have been many dark moments in the past 18 months. But hearing about people whose lives have been changed by our food vouchers (made possible through the support of friends like you) brings light back into our world again. It gives us the boost we need to focus on the good and keep going.

Pearl is one such person. A 26 year old mother of a four year old son, Pearl lives with her mom and two brothers (18 and 13 years old). At the moment, she is unemployed. Her mom sells archaar to earn a little money, but it’s nowhere near enough to keep the family going.

Pearl came across Siyabonga Africa on Facebook and decided to apply for a food voucher because her family was desperate for food. The food voucher duly arrived and Pearl bought essential groceries for the family.  She also added spinach and onion seeds to her basket so that she could start her very own vegetable garden – an idea she got from Siyabonga Africa.

“I never thought that I could start something so amazing,” she says. Seeing the first little shoots push up through the soil, and grow day by day into healthy vegetables, was so exciting.

“We feed on the garden,” she says, “At the moment we are unable to sell or share with neighbours because the veggie garden is still small. But in future, we can sell and even share with others.”

Thanks to our food voucher programme – and the special people who support us – a desperate family is no longer going hungry. And, they have learnt the skills to ensure they won’t go hungry again.

In the past year, the programme has reached almost 2 000 homes like Pearls. Every month, over 400 homes (across all 9 provinces) receive the food they need to survive. This is literally changing lives.

As we approach Spring, a season filled with the promise of renewed life, warmth and hope, we hope that more people will learn from the lessons we teach here. And, like Pearl, take the initiative to improve their way of life. It fills them with  hope, pride and a sense of worth … something that cannot be bought. Thank you for partnering with us to make real change possible.