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Help someone take their first step on the path out of poverty

Path out of poverty

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”

But who would have thought that the first step would be a simple bowl of stew?

Certainly not the 100 students who will arrive at Siyabonga Africa during January. All of them excited and enthusiastic to take the first step on their path out of poverty.

Most come from homes where no one is employed and money is tight. Sometimes an entire day goes by without anything to eat. That’s not only hard to bear – it impacts on everything they try to do. Because, without adequate nutrition they can’t concentrate and learn.

To get the full benefit of their training, students need
to be energetic and alert. That’s why we provide a daily
meal right here at Siyabonga Africa for every student in need.

And even though we can supplement these meals with veggies from our own organic garden, feeding so many people adds up to a huge cost.

Please will you help?
If you’re able to donate R1 000 now,
you’ll provide daily meals for a pair of students for an entire month.
Plus, a bag of veggies to take home to share with family members.




If you are able to give this amount regularly every month, your kindness will have a huge impact on the number of students we can feed on an ongoing basis. But any amount will be warmly appreciated and help these eager young people take their first step on the path out of poverty.

Let’s get behind our first ‘class of 2024’ and make sure they have everything they need to succeed!


Donate now and receive our tried and tested super-nutritious and budget-friendly stew recipe – ideal for building up reserves that have been depleted by stress, overwork, illness or poor eating habits. Plus it is delicious!