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Planting seeds of hope and knowledge

planting seeds on mandela day

On a sunny morning filled with warmth and enthusiasm, Mandela Day volunteers from near and far gathered at Siyabonga Africa to plant over 3920 seedlings in our new organic food tunnel.  It was a chance for office workers to reconnect with nature and learn more about gardening.

As these tiny plants of spinach and other healthy vegetables take root and thrive, they’ll be used to help feed our students (we provide around 8 000 meals a year), as well as offering an opportunity for people to learn agriculture and business skills. Surplus produce will be sold locally, and the proceeds will help us train more people.

Other volunteers took up paintbrushes and unleashed their inner Picasso to transform dull walls into vibrant works of art. Others browsed our pop up market, showcasing our students’ creative talents and entrepreneurial spirit. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all donors who contributed paint, food parcels, and seedlings. 

At our MySchool table, visitors took the time to sign up, naming Siyabonga Africa as their beneficiary. This simple act has the potential to raise funds for our organisation without costing new cardholders a cent. So please, apply for your MySchool now if you haven’t already done so. Even the smallest gestures can make a difference!

The day ended with the sharing of food parcels with needy families from a nearby informal settlement, and a prize-giving ceremony that saw  Maria, one of our fashion school graduates, receiving a sewing machine.

More than just a day of planting seedlings and painting walls, Mandela Day was a celebration of community collaboration and the transformative power of collective action. As the seedlings grow and the students flourish, the impact of this memorable day will continue to bear fruit, inspiring future generations to come together for a shared purpose.

Grateful thanks to all who participated. May the spirit of Mandela Day continue to ignite the flame of service in every heart, creating a world where hope, unity and compassion thrive.

Mandela Day