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She is NtombiZethu Sithole and SHE MEANS BUSINESS!

NtombiZethu Sithole rebuilt her business and created 6 new jobs after the looting of July 2021.

“I ran a food cafe called Food Orgasm Café, located in Hammarsdale, KZN. Siyabonga Africa helped me to expand the business and to venture into other business opportunities – such as a mobile bar. I applied to take part in the Business Rescue Programme at Siyabonga Africa after the looting in July 2021. When I received the business and household grant, no one was working in my family. At that time, we were living on my parent’s pension fund.

The support really helped me – I could go back to school and I was able to buy groceries at home. My business didn’t only grow but I had a chance to be recognised as one of the growing brands in the area and the place now employs 6 people full time.

Siyabonga Africa didn’t only change my life, but it helped 6 people get employment and my family isn’t struggling as much. I’m very grateful for Siyabonga Africa!”

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