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She is Pertunia Makakola and SHE MEANS BUSINESS!

She sacrificed to bring her dreams to life! Here’s her story …

“Good day Siyabonga Africa and the team. My name is Pertunia Makakola. I am 31 years old from Johannesburg. I am the owner and the founder of Jelly Day Care centre. I always had a dream to become a teacher, but due to my family’s financial situation, I didn’t pursue my studies after matric.

Throughout the situation in 2021 during lock down I was not working – I tried to submit my CVs, but with no luck. No one was working at home except my little sister. She was the only one working in the family and we were all (7) depending on her salary.

I then went online looking for teaching course – that’s where I found out about Siyabonga Africa. I submitted my documents online and received a call. I attended my ECD course at Siyabonga Africa in October 2021. My experience at Siyabonga Africa was very good. I enjoyed every moment – the staff were friendly, it was like my second family; they gave me love, they taught me a lot, and after the course I received all my certificates, including for my online bookkeeping course.

I didn’t have money to start my business but by the grace of God, in December 2021, I got a 1 month part-time job to clean the street and remove the dustbins.

In January 2022 I took my whole salary and bought second hand furniture to start a day care centre. I painted the walls by myself because I didn’t have money to pay the painters. In February 2022, I started operating and welcoming kids in the centre.

I opened with 6 kids. I love kids and I have a passion to care for them, raise them and give them love. Within 3 months I had 25 kids and now I have 34 – the number keeps on growing and I am still pushing. I have employed 2 teachers. I am making a change to a hostile community; giving the children a bright future and keeping them safe … and I cook for them – lunch and breakfast.

I am now able to put food on the table because of Siyabonga Africa. I did a course in gardening online through Siyabonga Africa. I now have my own small garden. I have mentors (Khosi and Ma’m Zulu) from Siyabonga Africa. They always come to check how the centre is doing (they are always a phone call away). I am also a part of the Ngwana Pele project 2022 group at Siyabonga Africa.

To all women out there – keep on knocking, the door will open. Don’t lose hope and never give up.

Thank you Siyabonga Africa and the team for opening the door for me and for making my dreams come true. I am now a teacher because of you! May God bless you more and more.

Happy Women’s Month.

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