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She is Sheila Baloyi and SHE MEANS BUSINESS!

Meet Sheila …

Sheila lives in the humble community of Hammanskraal. Many people in her area are living in poor conditions and unemployment is high. We met Sheila in 2021 and realised that she is a hard worker; passionate and dedicated to making a difference for the people in her community. A real AGENT OF CHANGE. This is the kind of person that we, at Siyabonga Africa, want to work with. People who do not just want a hand out, but a hand up – so that they can be independent and become postive contributors in their communities.

In the last 8 months, Siyabonga Africa has worked alongside Sheila to build her dream.

It has by no means been an easy road. Sheila has made many sacrifices along the way. Today, she is the owner and founder of Tirhani Fresh Produce, a social enterprise that is bringing food, skills and jobs to Hammanskraal. She runs a bakery and a community food garden, and she trains people to grow their own food from home. In this way, Sheila is dealing with the issues of food insecurity and unemployment, head-on. And, the majority of people who benefit from Sheila’s work, are WOMEN!

Sheila has adopted Siyabonga Africa’s vision – to see people throughout South Africa FREE FROM POVERTY. We applaud her for the difference that she is making.

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