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Thank you for making a difference in 2019

Thank you

Last year, thanks to support from people like you, our Siyabonga Africa Team was able to distribute 16563 food parcels to desperate South Africans who have lost their jobs and have no other source of income. We provided a nourishing, hot meal, clothing, toiletries and blankets during winter to a further 5834 people, many of whom are homeless.Even more exciting – we trained 1 146 jobless people in skills such as baking, computer literacy, life skills, early childhood development, construction health & safety, welding and small business development.

That’s 1146 people who now have the skills and knowledge to gain employment or start their own small businesses from home. It’s an amazing achievement at a time when our country’s economy is in tatters and jobs in the formal sector are being shed at an unprecedented rate. Just think what we could do if we had the funding to train twice as many this year!

Apart from helping to get South Africa working, Siyabonga Africa is giving people something even more important … hope. At a time when so many families don’t know where their next meal will come from, discovering ways to become self sufficient is turning those who previously knew only despair into resilient, confident citizens who can face the future with renewed hope.

And it’s all thanks to people like you, who are willing to offer a hand up to their fellow South Africans. Thank you for partnering with Siyabonga Africa throughout 2019 – and please continue to help us help get South Africa working.

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