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When human rights are meaningless

As we gear up to enjoy a public holiday on 21 March in celebration of Human Rights Day – we’re asking you to help fight the mother of all human rights violations … poverty.

Because, how can anyone exercise their right to decent housing, food, medical care or education, when poverty has them trapped in a vicious cycle of deprivation, insecurity and indignity?

If we want to build a better South Africa – and surely we’re all agreed on that – we need to tackle the scourge of poverty. And that’s exactly what we’re doing at Siyabonga Africa … one person at a time.

Through our many inspiring success stories, we’re creating a culture of belief. That there is a path out of poverty if you’re willing to learn how to follow it. And if someone is willing to reach out and give you a hand up.

Please will you support our efforts to get South Africa working, by making your special Human Rights Day donation now? Your kindness could set another victim of poverty on the road to success.


Gugu went through some really tough times before she came to us. Fired up by the successes of others and the business training that helped her identify a ‘gap’ in the market, she used her last few rands to buy vegetables, which she resold around her neighbourhood at a small profit.

As the business grew, she started saving money and branched out into a new line – household detergents. Now she is no longer dependent on social grants. Her business is booming and she plans to employ ‘resellers’ in other locations to start them on the path out of poverty as well.

If your donation today helped just one person escape the cycle of poverty … and they paid your gift forward to help another person … we could make this year’s Human Rights Day really mean something.

Please help us eradicate the scourge of poverty in South Africa by making your donation now. Think of it as an investment … your own personal contribution to Human Rights.